Energy-Efficient Laundry Tips for Business Owners

Energy efficiency is a top priority for a laundry store owner. To achieve this you need a coin operated washing machine from brands like Girbau North America that has higher productivity but consumes less energy. But is that possible? Yes, when you invest in energy-saving technology — like energy-efficient washing machines — and implement some best practices in your business to lower your bills. You’ll save a considerable amount of money on bills without compromising on business productivity. That said, here are some solid tips on energy efficiency in your laundry business.

Wash full loads

Apart from specific occasions — like when dealing with special garments with particular washing instructions — washing laundry in full loads is an excellent rule of thumb when operating your laundry machines. The thing is, your industrial washing machine consumes nearly the same amount of energy in each cycle, irrespective of the load size. So, don’t underutilize your washer’s load capacity because you’ll be losing in terms of efficiency. At the same time don’t, overload your washing machine to avoid unevenly cleaned clothes.

Use Energy-star certified Laundry machines

Newer laundry machines with the Energy Star label are more energy-efficient than their traditional counterparts. For a product to earn the Energy Star label (a trusted, government-backed symbol for energy efficiency), it must meet EPA energy-saving specifications. Using laundry machines with this label ensures energy efficiency in your laundromat and a significant cut down on the energy bills without sacrificing performance.

Air-dry the laundry when you can

If some clients bring their laundry in the morning and schedule to pick it up in the evening, isn’t that an opportunity to turn off the dryer and hang the laundry outside? In doing so, you’ll reduce energy consumption in your laundromat and incur less monthly utility costs.

Regular Machine Maintenance

Faulty washing machines and dryers are less efficient in completing their duties. In most cases, they take longer than needed to wash or dry clothes, reflecting more energy consumption. But with regular maintenance, you’ll ensure that your laundry machines are always working efficiently and aren’t consuming more energy than is necessary.

Install energy-efficient Lighting

The bulbs in your laundry store can consume a lot of energy over time, and if this isn’t addressed, the energy bills can add up. To avoid such situations, use energy-efficient LED bulbs to keep the utility costs under control. Also, you can install sensors in your business so the bulbs turn on automatically when customers are in the laundry store and off when no one is there. This will help you cut down the energy bills and eliminate turning the bulbs off and on frequently. Also, it will deal with forgetting to turn off the bulbs when they aren’t in use.

Use the Cold Water Setting to wash Laundry

A typical washer has three settings, cold, warm, and hot. Always use the cold or warm water setting, apart from special circumstances like when dealing with chronic stains like grease that requires the warm water setting. This way, you’ll cut your energy use almost by half.

Regardless of the type of laundry business you run, there are easy ways you can drastically lower energy costs and your footprint on the environment. By implementing energy-saving measures you can reduce your monthly utility costs and improve the overall performance of your business.

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