How to Get the Best Out of Printed Tablecloth?

A plain tablecloth can make a difference in the look and feel of your exhibit space. It lets you conceal the stocks and other objects you store under the table. But ‘plain’ is exactly what it is—basic ordinary, not exactly eye-catching. How about taking a step further with a printed tablecloth?

Custom printed tablecloths are made with your brand in mind, so their designs are based on elements associated with your business, such as the company’s colours and logo. They add a more professional look and feel to your booth while serving to attract more attention from potential clients. That makes them practical for many applications, including trade shows, farmer’s markets, athletic interviews, recruitment tables at career and school fairs, expo information booths, and flea market booths.

Printed tablecloths are versatile promotional tools that you can keep using whenever an opportunity arises for your business to join events. However, there are some things you need to consider to get the best out of these customised products. Here are some tips.

Choose the right materials.

You’ll want your printed tablecloth to go a long way, so prefer a durable material, such as polyester. Reputable manufacturers of custom throw and fitted tablecloths use 230g matt polyester or 250g UV-resistant shiny polyester. For stretch tablecloths, they use UV-resistant and machine-washable fabric that’s 95 per cent polyester and f5 per cent spandex.

Ensure the best fit

As you explore custom printed tablecloths, you’ll come across options like throws, stretch, and fitted. All options are attractive and will draw attention to your booth while proudly displaying your brand and providing a professional finish to your stall. So, it’s up to your personal preference when choosing a style. Just make sure your choice fits the exhibit tables provided at the event. Reputable manufacturers make these tablecloths in three sizes, such as 4ft, 6ft, and 8ft, but they can accommodate custom sizes, too.

Know the printing process

Choose a reputable manufacturer that uses the latest technologies to ensure accurate colours and the highest quality on the printed tablecloth. There must be no limit to the number of gradients and colours on the print. That way, the custom tablecloths can match your company colours while providing a professional look.

Design appropriately

The simplest way to design printed tablecloths is by using your company colours and adding your logo. Or you can apply colour psychology to make your tablecloths attract attention and influence the buying decision of prospects. Pick bold signature colours that can easily be associated with your company or brand, or use colours linked with industry recognition or the emotions you want to evoke.

Add some vital details.

Have your website address or social media handles included in the design. Your printed tablecloth can also feature graphics related to your business to give people an idea about what you’re offering at a glance. It can be the latest product you’re promoting or an image representing your business.

Work with the manufacturer.

Talk to your preferred manufacturer if you’re unsure about how you should design your printed tablecloth. Its art department will work closely with you to help you customise the product and send you proof for review and approval before they start printing.

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