Local store marketing: retail-retail bounceback

The budget is tight, but you need to move the top-line sales – fast! What is a quick and easy way to expand your customer base? Partnering with non competitive retailers to help your broad exposure is a simple, but great local shop marketing idea.

By compiling a retail bounceback program, both sides win by increasing sales and / or combining advertising dollars. As long as you expand the reach of each other, this is a no-brainer for multi-unit chain operators and the only operator. Many retailers are specialists in their product offerings and always benefit from strong relationships with retail outlets that do not compete nearby.

The concept is direct: You partner with noncompeting retailers and they share your marketing material to their customers. This marketing leaflet is called “Bouncebacks” -They usually contains a “bouncing” customer’s coupon back to your store. Then, you do the same for noncompeting retailers, distribute up to their stores. For leaflets, this is a very easy way to generate customer traffic – customers who are around your location. You can even share the costs for printing a boeakback along with your non competitive partners, helping reduce your costs more and strengthen your partner’s relationship in the eyes of your customers.

Choose wisely: Choosing the right retail couple is very important to achieve the goals you want. The ideal partner will have loose bonds for your industry that will complement your concept. Even though you can share Customers Crossover, the link between the concept allows customers to act when the same “mindset”.

Tap Potential: Creating a cross-promotion bouncer with retailers that do not compete is the best way to enter the customer base of another retailer. In the 3-mile trade area, identify one non competitive retailer to be crossed in a cross for each quarter. Make it independently or collaborate on a double bounceback that will be distributed to the customer base for each store for a certain period of time. Playing your retail partner throughout the year will keep your offer fresh.

Run perfectly: because customers buy your product, attach a bouncing for other noncompeting retailers so that your customers will often establish. Likewise, your non competitive retail partner will do the same with their customers, send their customers to your store. Of course, it is very wise to find out your partner’s offer to answer the quick questions that customers have.

Make it interesting: Depending on your weekly customer traffic, ideally partnering with noncompeting retailers, the average amount of the same traffic. Because partners are in the trade area of ​​your 3 miles, hoping to receive more than 2% of customer traffic from the retailer’s customer base that does not compete. Utilizing a one-stop shop mentality that might develop into a shopping center that is contrary to your only store.

Track Results: If you use a coupon on your bouncerback to push customer traffic, coupon code so you can track the currency exchange. For each new customer who comes with code coupons, make sure you capture the data of their customer contact to actively market it in the future. Remember, every new customer can only represent the first sale – your results can be significantly higher if you grow customer visits.

Too often, marketers tend to overcome their messaging to potential customers or excessive expenditure in reaching them. Sometimes the best marketing strategies only capture customers when they are within walking distance to your store. Even though this might look like a nut-and-bolt approach to market your store, keeping it your customers react and heading to your store sometimes is the most profitable way to encourage sales.

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