Monaco Marine La Ciotat

Elevating the Superyacht Experience

Nestled along the radiant shores of the Côte d’Azur, the Monaco Marine shipyard in La Ciotat stands as a beacon of luxury and innovation in the superyacht industry. This premier facility, situated in the heart of the Mediterranean’s yachting paradise, exemplifies the pinnacle of craftsmanship, technology, and unparalleled service, redefining the standards of excellence for superyacht care.

A Testament to Innovation and Expertise

Monaco Marine’s La Ciotat facility is an emblem of the shipyard’s dedication to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in yacht maintenance, repair, and refitting. Capable of accommodating yachts of up to 160 meters in length and handling vessels weighing up to 2000 tons, it represents an unmatched blend of capacity and capability in the yachting world.

Spanning over 45,000 square meters, this colossal facility is equipped with the most advanced technology and infrastructure designed to meet the exacting needs of superyacht owners. From its 300-ton travel lift to the 2000-ton yacht lift and the motorized trailer crane with a 600-ton capacity, Monaco Marine La Ciotat is outfitted to ensure the highest levels of efficiency and safety.

Unrivalled Services for the Superyacht Elite

The shipyard’s services are comprehensive, covering every possible need a superyacht might have — from routine maintenance to complex refits. A standout feature of Monaco Marine La Ciotat is its 90-metre climate-controlled paint shed, a facility that significantly enhances the quality and efficiency of painting projects, ensuring flawless finishes.

Understanding that the crew’s well-being is paramount to a yacht’s operation, Monaco Marine has thoughtfully included a dedicated crew area within the shipyard. This space is designed to offer comfort and convenience, featuring fitness facilities and a terrace, ensuring that crew members enjoy their stay and are ready to deliver exceptional service to yacht owners and guests.

A Team of Visionaries

The success of Monaco Marine La Ciotat is not solely due to its impressive infrastructure but also to the people behind the scenes. A dedicated team of 80 skilled professionals works tirelessly to ensure that each yacht is treated with the utmost care and expertise. This collective of experts, leveraging their deep industry knowledge and passion for yachting, guarantees that every project meets the shipyard’s rigorous standards of quality and precision.

More Than Just a Shipyard

Monaco Marine La Ciotat transcends the traditional concept of a shipyard, evolving into a centre of excellence where innovation, luxury, and maritime heritage converge. Its strategic location on the Côte d’Azur, combined with its state-of-the-art facilities and a team of seasoned professionals, positions Monaco Marine as a global leader in the yachting industry.

As Monaco Marine continues to innovate and expand its services, it reinforces its commitment to providing exceptional care for the world’s most exquisite yachts. In the picturesque setting of La Ciotat, Monaco Marine is not just maintaining yachts; it is preserving the legacy of luxury yachting and setting new standards for the future.

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