The Advantages of Cold Heading in Parts Manufacturing

Cold heading, also known as cold forming, is a more than 75-year-old technique. Though, this manufacturing method has progressed significantly since then. When performed properly, the cold heading technique allows manufacturers to boost production efficiency while lowering operational expenses. The process’s ability to virtually eliminate scrap is one of its most critical features. Cold heading can be a very appealing procedure for metals that are difficult and/or expensive to recycle, especially in today’s market where raw materials are at their highest.

Cold heading was often thought to be only suited for small fasteners, but it is now used for a wide range of metals, sizes, and combinations. The document that comes with it gives an excellent overview of the benefits and drawbacks of this method. If you’re new with metal forming alternatives or seeking for ways to improve parts that are currently forged, stamped, cast, or machined, this resource is a valuable read.

Heading Process in Manufacturing from WCS Industries, a manufacturer of cold headed fasteners

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