What Is NCB? And How To Claim It?

Purchasing a car can be costly, but who doesn’t enjoy car rides? You’d like them to be smooth and enjoyable, but what if something unexpected happens? The resulting damage can burn a hole in your wallet. Car insurance protects your vehicle from accidents and injuries to third parties and yourself.

However, when choosing a car insurance policy, ensure it meets your needs. People avoid insuring their vehicles because they fear paying ‘high’ premiums. Comparing various plans online is beneficial because you can find a suitable one at an affordable price. In addition, if you do not file a single claim during your policy term, you will receive the No-Claim Bonus (NCB).

What exactly is NCB?

Insurers will give you a reward or bonus if you file no claims during the policy term. This type of reward is known as the No-Claim Bonus (NCB). It is a reward on the premium amount that can be accumulated for five years. It is easily transferable even if you change vehicles because the NCB belongs to you, not your car.

In other words, even if you change insurance companies, you can still use the accumulated NCB from your previous car policy. You cannot, however, benefit from NCB if you have third-party car insurance. You must have a comprehensive approach in place for this. The maximum concession granted is 50%. These rewards will assist you in lowering your premium amount when renewing your car insurance.

If you have a gap in your claim years, you will not be eligible for NCB because it must be subsequent. People believe that filing minor claims will not affect their NCB, but this is not the case; every share counts. It is also critical to renew your car insurance policy regularly. If you do not do so, even during the waiting period, you will forfeit your accumulated NCB.

NCB claim procedure:

It is simple and painless to claim NCB. You must notify your car insurance provider that you have not made any claims during the previous policy term. Your insurer will provide you with proof of NCB. If you intend to change your insurance provider, you must obtain evidence of NCB in the form of a certificate from your current insurer. This entire verification process can be completed online.

Because NCB is essential, could you do everything you can to protect it? Minor damages, such as car dents caused by a minor accident, are easily payable by you. You will only have to pay a little to have a dent repaired, at least not if you don’t lose your NCB benefit.

It’s tempting to file a claim every time your car sustains minor damage. Before you can do the same for your benefit, you must perform a cost-benefit analysis.

If you purchase the policy online, your NCB will be transferred based on your declaration, and you will not be required to submit a certificate. But that doesn’t mean you can hide any previous claims you made. Your new insurer may cross-check the information with your previous insurer.

The essential thing to do is to find a wise car insurance policy that offers comprehensive coverage at a reasonable price. To obtain such coverage, you must first calculate the premiums of various policies and check car insurance online by using a car insurance premium calculator and then choose the ideal deal available.

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