Where Do You Stand With Delivery?

Consumers love the ease of finding just about anything they need on Amazon’s website. What they also enjoy is the speed of getting those items delivered directly to their home. Amazon’s ability to massively grow its transportation and shipping sector set the company up for success in this way, making it possible to get packages to consumers within a matter of a day or so, if not sooner. Now, consumers want the same type of service from other retailers, too. An inability to provide both free and fast shipping will often put smaller retailers at a disadvantage. Understanding this, it’s important to prioritize efforts on providing one or the other for these retailers. Deciding between which option can be a challenge, so to learn which fit is right for your organization, please see the resource accompanying this post.

Free vs. Fast: Where Do You Stand With Delivery? presented by WAREHOWZ, the company to call when attempting to find warehouse space

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