Why Should I Replace My Laundry Equipment?

Is it time to replace your commercial laundry equipment? You might be wondering if it’s time to give your laundry equipment an upgrade, and not just through updating its laundry parts from Laundry Replacement Parts!

Check out these reasons why replacing your equipment can do you more good.

  1. Save on Utility Bills

When you invest in newer and more energy-efficient laundry equipment, you can end up saving a lot in water and electricity bills. Today’s laundry equipment may even have a 90% efficiency rating, reducing water costs compared to older equipment.

Energy-efficient machines can also reduce electricity usage with better water extraction, quicker cycle times, lower dryer temperature, shorter drying time, colder water temperatures, and larger machines.

With less energy usage, your business receives lower utility costs, which improves your profit and cash flow. Furthermore, you can apply for tax rebates or credits when you get energy-efficient laundry equipment.

Newer machines also allow you to monitor its energy consumption, prompting you to make wise decisions about operating the business. This is also helpful as you conduct reports and audits.

  1. Reduce Repair Needs

As customers continue using your old laundry equipment, the more worn out it becomes, which will need more repairs and replacement of alliance laundry parts, among other things. The repairs and parts can be pretty costly, to the point that it makes more sense to invest in new equipment.

When your machine continually breaks down from age, not only do you spend more on repairs, but you waste a lot of time waiting for the machine to work again. This leads to losing customers because they weren’t able to use your equipment.

If your laundry equipment experiences more downtime, you lose potential revenue. It can cause significant problems if your equipment is used to launder towels and bedsheets for hospitals or hotels.

A rule of thumb to follow is never to spend over 50% of your machine’s initial price to repair it. You’re better off investing in new equipment if that’s the case.

  1. Increase Customer Satisfaction

Imagine this: You’re going to a laundromat, and you notice that they use old washing machines that keep breaking down. This isn’t just an inconvenience, but you are turned off from the laundromat because they don’t bother giving their machines an upgrade. With old machines, you won’t feel like you get the clean and dry clothes you expect.

So if your laundromat continues using old machines, your business loses reputation, and people will take their business somewhere else.

But if you have new laundry equipment with the latest technologies, you make it easier and more convenient for people to use. Furthermore, you build trust and customer satisfaction. People can now pay using their mobile, track the status and availability of all equipment in the facility, and even earn points if your business offers a rewards system!

Wrapping It Up

If your equipment is over a decade old, it’s high time to replace it before it causes more harm than good.

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