Yubo & You: Social Media in the Modern Age for Teens and Parents Alike

We know what you are thinking: another new social media platform? Since Myspace led the way and Facebook perfected the art of the user profile, we have seen countless social media platforms try to carve out their own space within the digital realm. While these social media platforms have had varying degrees of success, none have accomplished quite what Yubo has done in the past decade of action.

Yubo is a Paris-based social media network that was first established in 2015. Priding itself on its rigorous safety protocols and its attention to what kids and parents need most, Yubo has become something of a sensation for Gen Z users and their parents.

Let’s explore the world of Yubo to understand better what is going on in the new social media platform that has everyone talking.

What Makes Yubo Great?

Founded in 2015, Yubo was brought forth as a live social media platform that sought to connect users aged 13 to 25. With a focus on Gen Z and the live-streaming social networking aspect that has become popular in recent years, Yubo has curated a user base of more than 60 million people across 140 countries around the globe. At the time of this writing, Yubo has helped to connect more than 2 billion friends who have sent more than 10 billion messages along the way!

Top Yubo Features 2023

Simple Age Verification is one of the leading ways that Yubo sets itself apart from the rest of the social media pack. Yubo utilizes an advanced age verification system that leans on technology and automation to help ensure the safety of its participants. Yubo is the first major social media platform to require age verification for users to participate. Yubo utilizes the Yoyi age verification system to accomplish this goal.

Connecting users is also a leading reason to engage with Yubo, particularly if you are a fan of hashtag-based friend-finding systems. Fill your profile out with sections and tags that speak to who you are, and watch as others find you along the way.

Industry-leading moderation anchors the live streaming section of Yubo’s platform, leading the way with a system that moderates and provides confidence to parents at the same time. Safety Specialists at Yubo work to monitor live streams while helping their AI systems to detect violations within the Community Guidelines. These digital tools work on a second-by-second timeline to ensure fast reaction times.

Ultimately, Yubo is focused on curating a user base that is respectful of its rules and community guidelines while empowering them to speak with and engage one another in any way that they see fit. Yubo provides users with plenty of ways to engage with one another, from text messages and calls to live streams and virtual hangouts.

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