Why Demolition Dust Control and Suppression Is Important

Demolition releases huge amounts of airborne dust that can have serious consequences if not controlled or suppressed. This is why implementing solid measures to remove dust from air is critical when carrying out demolition on a construction site.

In addition to causing health problems, demolition dust in construction is a nuisance. It reduces visibility for your workers, which makes them more prone to accidents and even injury. To avoid this, you need to implement solid dust control solutions like those in In doing so, you’ll protect your employees and even your equipment. So, why is it critical that you have demolition dust under control? Let’s find out.

It Reduces Employees Health Risks

You can easily ignore dust from common construction activities like grinding, cutting paving blocks, or roof tiles because the amount is relatively small and hardly causes serious health risks. But when talking of demolition dust, huge waves of airborne dust particles come to mind. And this can lead to serious health complications for your employees. Studies reveal that exposure to such heavy amounts of dust can cause Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), lung cancer, asthma, and even early death.  with that in mind, you must implement preventive measures to help protect your employees’ health. Use powerful dust control techniques like misting or fogging cannons to arrest the airborne demolition dust and eliminate impending health dangers.

It ensures compliance with Government regulations

Ignoring demolition dust in your construction site comes with dozens of ugly consequences. Health risks are one of the consequences and non-compliance with employee safety regulations by OSHA is another. On top of that, you’ll be going against pollution prevention laws and policies by EPA.  This will lead to heavy fines and penalties. Realize that those hefty fines accompanying non-compliance with government regulations will negatively affect your business operations. Not only will you spend huge sums in the form of fines and penalties, but you risk losing your business.

It Defines the Workplace Conditions for Employees and Can Improve Retention

Employees aren’t comfortable working in an unsafe environment. This also means that if you don’t create a conducive working environment, you’ll start losing your workers to the competition. Some may leave due to health complications they already have arising from a dust-filled atmosphere. Others will leave searching for better job opportunities that neither threaten their health nor life in general.  But it doesn’t have to get to that point. Show your employees that you care about their well-being by eliminating demolition dust in their workspace. Set solid dust control measures to create a conducive working environment for your employees. This way, you’ll ensure they remain loyal to you and the business.

Controlling and suppressing demolition dust comes with great advantages. You’ll be protecting your employees’ health, adhering to government rules and regulations, and also improve employee retention in your business. It’s necessary to get rid of all dust from your construction site. To do this, there are preventive measures you can use to avoid exposing your employees to unsafe conditions.

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